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Indicators of Climate Change in California - 2018 Report This report, now updated for 2018, presents 36 indicators that show how climate change is affecting California.

Safeguarding California Plan: 2018 Update, An updated report on state actions and strategies to adapt to a changing climate from the California Natural Resources Agency.

Climate Science Special Report, Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), Volume I
An authoritative assessment of the science of climate change, with a focus on the United States.

New Adaptation Case Studies: Climate Adaptation Strategies for Coastal Southern California Habitats

New Publication: Private landowner conservation behavior following participation in voluntary incentive programs: recommendations to facilitate behavioral persistence
Dayer, Ashley A., Seth H. Lutter, Kristin A. Sesser, Catherine M. Hickey, and Thomas Gardali

2-Page Climate Handouts from CNAP

Rising Seas in California: An Update on Sea-Level Rise Science. California Ocean Science Trust, April 2017.

Central Valley Joint Venture Special Issue: The science of setting conservation objectives for birds in California’s Central Valley. Central Valley Joint Venture and Point Blue Conservation Science. 2017.

NOAA Technical Report, January, 2017: Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States

Projected Impacts of Climate, Urbanization, Water Management, and Wetland Restoration on Waterbird Habitat in California’s Central Valley

NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy Western Regional Action Plan

A How-to Guide for Coproduction of Actionable Science, by Paul Beier, Lara J. Hansen, Lynn Helbrecht, and David Behar

California North-Central Coast & Russian River Watershed Story Map

Inter-Tribal Climate Adaptation Leadership Summit

The San Francisco Bay Area Watershed Analyst

Climate Ready North Bay, A climate adaptation knowledge base for planning the future of North San Francisco Bay Area watersheds

Inter-Tribal Climate Adaptation Leadership Summit

Stream temperature scenarios are now available on the NorWeST website

Symposium: Communicating the Science of Climate Change for Natural Resource Management Applications Examples and Concepts for Success.

Climate Ready North Bay, A climate adaptation knowledge base for planning the future of North San Francisco Bay Area watersheds

2016 Ocean Climate Summit Report

Stream temperature database and scenarios for the Central Valley & remaining parts of California are now available on the NorWeST website

From CDFW and UCD:
A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of California's Terrestrial Vegetation

From Cal-IPC:
Impacts of Climate Change and Invasive Plants in Sierra Meadows: Overview and Recommendations
Incorporating Climate Resilience into Invasive Plant Management Projects: Guidance for Land Managers

Climate Conference Reaches Agreement
Read the Paris Accord Here

New dataset available for climate adaptation planning
Ecologically-Relevant Maps of Landforms and Physiographic Diversity for Climate Adaptation Planning

Drought and Climate Change
A new Climate Commons article.

"The Baylands and Climate Change: What We Can Do"

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