Data Management Plan for the California LCC project:

Managing Sierra Nevada Meadows for Water Supply & Habitat Benefits

Table of Contents
Data Input - New Collections
      (nothing in this category)

Data Input - Existing Collections
  1   Meadow Spatial Dataset

Data Output - Product or Deliverables
  1   Prioritized list of meadows

Not Data - non-data Products
  1   Fact Sheet: Meadow Restoration and Clean Water, Indian Valley
  2   Draft analysis and Powerpoint presentation
  3   Fact Sheet: Restoring Sierra Meadows
  4   Peer-reviewed Publication
  5   Prioritization report
  6   Meadow Restoration Training

Data Input - Existing Collections
1Meadow Spatial Dataset
Deliverable TypeDatasets / Database
DescriptionGIS layer with meadow condition for meadows in approximately 200-300 meadows in about 8 watersheds.
Archive OrganizationsUC Davis, an interactive site is planned.
ContactRyan Peek, Dave Waetjen

Data Output - Product or Deliverables
1Prioritized list of meadows
Deliverable TypeDatasets / Database
DescriptionGIS analysis of meadows will identify priorities for restoration based on water supply (from incision and yield estimates) and capacity to buffer changes in snowpack (from predicted snowpack changes).
Archive OrganizationsCommons
ContactLuke Hunt

Not Data - non-data Products
1Fact Sheet: Meadow Restoration and Clean Water, Indian Valley
Deliverable TypePublication : Article
DescriptionA fact sheet describing the restoration demonstration project at Indian Valley.

2Draft analysis and Powerpoint presentation
Deliverable TypePresentation
DescriptionAnalysis and presentation of results for partners. To be provided in a CA LCC Webinar on Jan 11, 2016.
Archive OrganizationsCA LCC Webinar archive

3Fact Sheet: Restoring Sierra Meadows
Deliverable TypePublication : Article
DescriptionA fact sheet describing the benefits of meadow restoration and the project efforts.

4Peer-reviewed Publication
Deliverable TypePublication
DescriptionFlow and groundwater timeseries, vegetation and sediment effects of restoration for publication.

5Prioritization report
Deliverable TypeReport
DescriptionReport describing prioritization methods, data used, and conclusions about range of water supply benefits.
Archive OrganizationsUC Davis meadow database, Climate Commons, Natural Resource Project Inventory, web page, blog

6Meadow Restoration Training
Deliverable TypeTraining / Outreach / Workshop
DescriptionRestoration training (funded by NFWF, using materials from this project) was developed in partnership with USFS. Training was conducted on May 26-27, 2016 for 20 land managers on all aspects of meadow restoration, including: design, permitting, partnerships, fundraising, implementation, monitoring. Water supply monitoring methods and results developed with LCC funding were of interest to many. Training included on-the-ground pairing with mentors in the field and will establish relationships between land managers with limited experience and experts in meadow restoration. Included a post-workshop field component with students shadowed by mentors. Objective is to get on-the-ground projects going.

This Data Management Plan structure is based on recommendations from the Data Management Plan Guidance document from the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center