Data Management Plan for the California LCC project:

Fighting drought with fire: Can prescribed fire increase forest resistance to drought?

Table of Contents
Data Input - New Collections
  1   Forest mortality inventory

Data Input - Existing Collections
      (nothing in this category)

Data Output - Product or Deliverables
      (nothing in this category)

Not Data - non-data Products
  1   Final project summary
  2   Project presentation
  3   Project website
  4   Peer-reviewed manuscript
  5   Project presentation

Data Input - New Collections
1Forest mortality inventory
Deliverable TypeDatasets / Database
DescriptionCounts of live and dead trees in burned and unburned permanent forest plots.
Archive OrganizationsData will be stored on NPS servers, CA LCC Climate Commons and on USGS Science Base.

Not Data - non-data Products
1Final project summary
Deliverable TypePublication
DescriptionDetailed project description and results of data analysis.

2Project presentation
Deliverable TypePresentation
DescriptionIn person and/or webinar describing results.

3Project website
Deliverable TypeWebsite
DescriptionProject summary and highlights of results.
Archive OrganizationsHosted on USGS WERC webpage.

4Peer-reviewed manuscript
Deliverable TypePublication
DescriptionPrimary scientific report appearing in a peer-reviewed journal.
FormatManuscript pdf emailed to CA LCC and NPS.

5Project presentation
Deliverable TypeTraining / Outreach / Workshop : Webinar
DescriptionIn person and/or webinar describing results.
Formatand/or CA LCC hosted webinar.

This Data Management Plan structure is based on recommendations from the Data Management Plan Guidance document from the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center