Regional Strategies for Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Coastal communities are incorporating the results of research and modeling to conduct vulnerability assessments and produce strategic plans to address the impacts of sea level rise. Here we offer a listing of some of those plans.

Geo Focus Originator Title Resources Description and Notes
San Francisco Bay BCDC Living With A Rising Bay: Vulnerability And Adaptation In San Francisco Bay And On the Shoreline Fact Sheet, Staff Recommendations, Report An amendment to the San Francisco Bay Plan to address climate change.
San Francisco Bay BCDC and NOAA Adapting to Rising Tides Website
Collaborative planning effort with the goal of increasing the Bay Area’s preparedness and resilience to sea level rise and storm events while protecting critical ecosystem and community services
San Diego San Diego Foundation San Diego's Changing Climate Public outreach report. San Diego Foundation’s Regional Focus 2050 Study
summarizes climate change impacts to the San Diego region, including sea level rise.
Los Angeles City of Los Angeles and partners Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Study for the City of Los Angeles Full study, Summary Report, media coverage, and program information The City of L.A., along with a team of science and outreach experts, developed a science-based and stakeholder-supported adaptation planning process to begin planning for the impacts of climate change.
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