Our vocabularies

You can edit the vocabularies at:


We can seed these with a good set of terms; you have permission to do so. See the Edit Vocabularies tab (which will go away).

See also Subject terms with grouping

In particular, you may want to seed these tagging vocabularies (these expand as people tag records with additional keywords, but a good set of initial terms is still useful to guide users.
* Geographic keywords
* Subject
* Services
* Data Type
Tags is another free tagging vocab (field still exists in Datasets), which may be obsolete - subsumed by the above multiple themes

Zotero is a controlled vocab (no free tagging); you can modify the list Allan gave me if you wish

FGDC is not currently used, no need to delete it yet
Forums is used by the forum module
Regions was my earlier start of a hierarchical geo vocabulary (field still exists in Datasets), may delete later


The Terms vocabulary is used for the automatic glossary highlighter. For example, notice the word GCM has a hover popup.

The values in the “terms” vocabulary will be highlighted and have popups in this way. In this case it would be good to fill in the descriptions for each term, with a very short description for the popup. (Note that it shows differently on IE and Firefox). I’m still working on other aspects of this (like what you see when you click).