Adaptive management of ecosystem services across different land use regimes

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Ruhl, J. B.
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Using adaptive management to manage desired flows of ecosystem services may seem on the surface to be a good fit, but many social, economic, environmental, legal, and political factors influence how good a fit. One strongly influential factor is the land use regime within which the profile of ecosystem services is being managed. Shaped largely by legal mandates, market forces, and social and cultural practices, different land use regimes present different opportunities for and constraints on goals for ecosystem services and pose different decision making environments. Even where all other conditions appear amenable to using adaptive management, therefore, it is essential to consider the constraining (or liberating) effects of different land use regimes when deciding whether to adopt adaptive management to achieve those goals and, if so, how to implement it.


Ruhl, J. B. 2016. “Adaptive Management of Ecosystem Services across Different Land Use Regimes.” Journal of Environmental Management, Adaptive Management for Ecosystem Services, 183, Part 2 (December): 418–23. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.07.066.