California Bird Species of Special Concern

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Shuford, D. W. and Gardali, T, Editors
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California Bird Species of Special Concern: A Ranked Assessment of Species, Subspecies, and Distinct Populations of Birds of Immediate Conservation Concern in California is a collaborative project of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Point Blue Conservation Science, and Western Field Ornithologists. Within the 450-page book the authors provide a detailed analysis of the status of California's at-risk birds using the latest data to describe current populations, ranges, and threats. Seabirds, raptors, shorebirds, waterfowl, and perching birds all are represented on the Bird Species of Special Concern list, suggesting that conservation concern spans the length and breadth of the state, from its offshore waters to the higher mountains. Habitats with high numbers of special concern bird species include wetlands, scrublands, grasslands, and riparian forests - all experiencing the highest rates of habitat loss in California. Paralleling continental and worldwide trends, habitat loss and degradation is the greatest threat to California's at-risk birds. Geographic areas with the highest numbers of special concern taxa are southern and central coastal California, where pressures from high and expanding human populations are expected to intensify in coming decades.

See also: Collaborative website on California Birds Species of Special Concern for links to Bird Species of Special Concern data summaries, maps, resources for bird conservation, and climate models.


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