Forest Project Protocol Version 3.2

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Climate Action Reserve

The Forest Project Protocol (FPP) provides requirements and guidance for quantifying the net
climate benefits of activities that sequester carbon on forestland. The protocol provides project
eligibility rules; methods to calculate a project’s net effects on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
and removals of CO2 from the atmosphere (“removals”); procedures for assessing the risk that
carbon sequestered by a project may be reversed (i.e. released back to the atmosphere); and
approaches for long term project monitoring and reporting. The goal of this protocol is to ensure
that the net GHG reductions and removals caused by a project are accounted for in a complete,
consistent, transparent, accurate, and conservative manner and may therefore be reported to
the Climate Action Reserve (Reserve) as the basis for issuing carbon offset credits (called
Climate Reserve Tonnes, or CRTs).


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