An interoperable decision support tool for conservation planning

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Segan, Daniel B., Game, Edward T., Watts, Matthew E., Stewart, Romola R., and Possingham, Hugh P.

Zonae Cogito is a free software package that couples Marxan with a MapWindow GIS interface to provide practitioners with an easy to use GIS to support Marxan analysis. In addition to providing a method for visualizing Marxan output, Zonae Cogito extends the basic Marxan functionality to better support an iterative and interactive design process. Zonae Cogito introduces the ability to modify and refine networks identified in Marxan, and extends the basic reporting functionality of Marxan beyond features directly considered in the analysis. Zonae Cogito also introduces new tools that allow spatial flexibility in the proposed protected area networks to be more effectively leveraged during the design process, and facilitates better information flow through interoperability with other software packages.


Segan, D. B., E. T. Game, M. E. Watts, R. R. Stewart, and H. P. Possingham. 2011. An interoperable decision support tool for conservation planning. Environmental Modelling & Software 26:1434–1441.