Managing biodiversity under climate change: challenges, frameworks, and tools for adaptation

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Abrahms, Briana, Deanne DiPietro, Andrea Graffis, and Allan Hollander
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The myriad challenges facing biodiversity under climate change are reflected in the challenges facing managers planning for these impacts. An ever-expanding number of recommendations and tools for climate change adaptation exist to aid managers in these efforts, yet navigating these various resources can lead to information overload and paralysis in decision-making. Here we provide a synthesis of the key considerations, approaches, and available tools for integrating climate change adaptation into management plans. We discuss principal elements in climate change adaptation—incorporating uncertainty through scenario planning and adaptive management—and review three leading frameworks for incorporating climate change adaptation into place-based biodiversity conservation planning. Finally, we identify the following key questions needed for long-term conservation planning and review the associated tools and techniques needed to address them: (1) How is the climate projected to change in my study area?; (2) How are non-climatic stressors projected to change?; (3) How vulnerable are species to climate change impacts?; (4) How are species ranges likely to respond?; and (5) How are management strategies expected to affect outcomes? In doing so, we aim to aid natural resource managers in navigating the burgeoning field of climate change adaptation planning and provide managers a roadmap for managing biodiversity under climate change.


Abrahms, Briana, Deanne DiPietro, Andrea Graffis, and Allan Hollander. 2017. “Managing Biodiversity under Climate Change: Challenges, Frameworks, and Tools for Adaptation.” Biodiversity and Conservation, May, 1–17. doi:10.1007/s10531-017-1362-4.