CA LCP Mission & Vision

California’s biodiversity and natural resources are rapidly changing in ways that are unexpected and unfamiliar due to a multitude of environmental stressors, including climate change. Addressing these challenges requires novel approaches to natural resource management and biodiversity protection. It will take a large multi-disciplinary partnership to maximize conservation effectiveness through sharing of information and collectively identifying adaptive measures to improve our current and future ecological conditions in California.

California supports diverse and thriving ecosystems through lasting collaborative conservation partnerships.

The mission of the CA LCP is to engage in integrated landscape and seascape conservation and adaptation throughout California. Through coordination and convening, we enhance collaborations among public sector, private sector, and Native American Tribes, extending the reach of impact that is achieved by any individual partner. The LCP will focus on bringing people together to advance landscape/seascape-level, climate-smart actions that address water, wildfire, connectivity, ecosystem services, and biodiversity.

Geographic Scope
The geographic scope of the CA LCP encompasses all of California, including coastal and marine ecosystems. Our influence may reach outside of California through the efforts of our partners whose scope of work may extend beyond California’s boundaries.

Guiding Principles
Within the CA LCP’s geographic scope and community, many existing natural and cultural resource conservation efforts are being conducted by individual partners. In this context, the CA LCP:

  • Supports and enhances collaboration across ownership and management boundaries by leveraging capabilities of individual partners
  • Fosters collaboration and integration of science and management
  • Facilitates acquisition, interpretation, translation, exchange, and availability of information to promote actions that support conservation and adaptation
  • Communicates information within and outside the LCP community

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