CA LCP Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

The CA LCP Steering Committee serves as the executive body for decision-making and as ambassadors for the CA LCP. The SC charts the vision, develops a strategic plan, and guides the progress of the CA LCP.

Bureau of Land Management: Jim Weigand, Ecologist
Bureau of Reclamation: Shana Kaplan, Division of Planning; Alternate: Jobaid Kabir
National Park Service: Denise Louie, Natural Resources Program Lead
NOAA: Natalie Cosentino-Manning, Marine Habitat Restoration Specialist
NRCS: Tomas Aguilar-Campos, Acting State Resource Conservationist
Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center: Steve Jackson, Director; Alternate: Carolyn Enquist
US Fish & Wildlife Service: Larry Rabin, Assistant Regional Director, Science Applications; Alternate: Debra Schlafmann
USDA Forest Service: Diana Craig, Deputy Director, Ecosystem Management, and Chrissy Howell, Program Manager, Ecosystem Function and Health
US Geological Survey: Keith Miles, Center Director, Western Ecological Research Center

CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife: Christina Sloop, Science Institute Lead
CA Dept. of Water Resources: Jennifer Morales, Climate Change Coordinator; Alternate: John Andrew
CA Coastal Conservancy: Mary Small, Deputy Executive Officer; Alternate: Amy Hutzel

California Fish Passage Forum: Javier Linares, Chair; Alternate: Kevin Shaffer
Central Valley Joint Venture: Jim Cogswell, Coordinator
Climate Science Alliance South Coast: Megan Jennings, Scientific Program Manager; Alternate: Amber Pairis
Conservation Biology Institute: Wayne Spencer, Director of Conservation Assessment and Planning; Alternate: Deanne DiPietro
Point Blue Conservation Science: Tom Gardali, Director Pacific Coast and Central Valley; Alternate: Grant Ballard
Sonoran Joint Venture: Jennie Duberstein, Coordinator
SF Bay Joint Venture: Sandra Scoggin, Coordinator

Tribal Team: Dore Beitz, Mewuk Tribe

Staff: Kim Tenggardjaja, Biodiversity Coordinator, CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Coordinating Team Members

The Coordinating Team leads the Steering Committee and serves as advisors to LCP staff and the broader Steering Committee to ensure the goals and objectives of the CA LCP are met.

Federal agency representative: Diana Craig, USDA Forest Service
Non-governmental organization representative: Tom Gardali, Point Blue Conservation Science
State agency representative: Jennifer Morales, CA Dept. of Water Resources

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