Central Valley LCP: Goals and Outcomes

Project Goal

The Goal of the Central Valley Landscape Conservation Project is to identify climate-smart conservation actions in partnership with scientists and natural resource managers that will maximize the adaptive capacity of priority species, habitats, and ecosystems to support an ecologically connected Central Valley landscape.

Project Objectives

  • Conserve resilient and adaptable ecosystems that sustain future Central Valley biodiversity.
  • Promote landscape-scale connectivity and ecological and physical processes that function within current and future ranges of variability to support a diverse and thriving Central Valley.
  • Reduce the impacts of climate change and other co-occurring stressors to Central Valley ecosystems.

Project Outcomes

  • A set of plausible Future Scenarios for the Central Valley region;
  • Climate and Non-climate Vulnerability Assessments for an agreed-upon list of Priority Natural Resources;
  • Partnership-led Climate-Smart Adaptation Strategies and Actions for the Priority Natural Resources;
  • An Online Toolbox of supporting maps, data, and literature for implementing the Adaptation Strategies and Actions;
  • A network of practitioners conducting coordinated, Climate-Smart conservation in the Central Valley region.

Project Charter