Central Valley LCP: Priority Natural Resources

The Central Valley Conservation partnership is working to assess the vulnerability of a common list of Priority Natural Resources to climate and non-climate stressors, so we can then develop adaptation strategies and actions. Habitats and species groups cover multiple species, and the remaining individual species are those which will require their own assessments and strategies.

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Species Groups

Chaparral & serpentine shrublands
Oak woodland/ Oak-foothill pine woodland
Vernal pools & swales
San Joaquin desert
Permanent wetlands
Flooded croplands
Rice croplands
Seasonal wetlands
Riparian vegetation/natural riverbank
Stream channel

Cavity nesters & roosters
Western bumblebee & pollinators
Large wide-ranging mammals
Burrowing mammals
Vernal pool crustaceans
Wetland-dependent mammals
Wetland-dependent reptiles
Wintering waterbirds & shorebirds
Breeding waterbirds & shorebirds
Dragonflies & damselflies
Wetland-obligate plants
Riparian nesting birds

Yellow-billed magpie
Valley oak
Red-legged frog
Yellow-legged frog
California tiger salamander
Blunt-nosed leopard lizard
Tricolored blackbird
Green sturgeon
Pacific lamprey