Aboveground Biomass in Southern California in 2010

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Basic Information

This dataset portrays aboveground biomass density in Southern California in 2010. The units are in kilograms of biomass/meter squared. The dataset uses spatial data developed for the study of changes in aboveground carbon storage described in Battles et al. 2015, and was provided by the California Air Resources Board. The data from the Battles et al. analysis was combined statistically with chaparral plot data provided by the USFS (largely FIA data) and analyzed by Charlie Schrader .

The dataset is a product of a three year study by UC Davis and the USFS to undertake a quantification and valuation of six ecosystem services across four national forests in southern California. The work is funded by the USFS Pacific Southwest, the USFS Pacific Northwest’s Western Wildland Environmental Threats Assessment Center, and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

Allan D. Hollander
Charlie Schrader, California Air Resources Board
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Spatial Resolution: 
30 meters
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Date Issued: 
June 2018