Terrain Flow Accumulation Across Southern California

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Basic Information

This dataset consists of 30 m resolution data displaying flow accumulation, for a southern California study area totaling 375 watersheds at the HUC12 scale (USGS Hydrologic Unit Code) and covering 35,158 km2 (8,687,731 acres) which encompasses the Angeles, Los Padres, Cleveland, and San Bernardino National Forests. This layer is derived from 30 meter DEM data and measures the upslope area in pixel count that conceivably drains into a given pixel. This was calculated using the accumulation option in the GRASS 7.0.0 command r.watershed (

The dataset is a product of a three year study by UC Davis and the USFS to undertake a quantification and valuation of six ecosystem services across four national forests in southern California. The work is funded by the USFS Pacific Southwest, the USFS Pacific Northwest’s Western Wildland Environmental Threats Assessment Center, and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

Hollander, Allan D.
Underwood, Emma C.
Spatial Resolution: 
30 meters
Date Issued: 
December 2016