Data Management Plan Section

Marsh Elevation

General Information
DMP Section Type: 
Data Input - New Collection
Deliverable Type: 
Datasets / Database
Delivery Date: 
Release Date: 
Determine local marsh elevations at study sites.
Points (shapefile)
Collection Protocols: 
Based on protocols established by the USGS Western Ecological Research Center using Leica Viva Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Global Positioning System (GPS) Rover (Leica Geosystems Inc., Norcross, GA) (Takekawa et al. 2012).
Processing & Workflow: 
RTK GPS to survey elevations along transects
Quality Checks: 
Local elevation control stations via Leica base stations, National Geodetic Survey benchmarks, established data cross-checks.
Backup & Storage: 
Backed up on USGS Western Ecological Research Center server.
Volume Estimate: 
100 MB
Exclusive Use Embargo: 
Project data will be made publically available concomitant with publication of results in peer-reviewed journal or within 2 years time, whichever comes first.
Data will be fully available for reports and plans. We require that permission be requested to use the dataset for publications, except for project partners.
John Y. Takekawa,, 707-562-2000
LCC Coordination
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