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Monthly Projected Baseflow (1950-2099)

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The Monthly Projected Baseflow (BASF) data sets are part of the downscaled global climate models created for the 2008 California climate change assessment. These files are made from daily data and are monthly mean values in millimeters/month. BASF layers have been created through a Bias Corrected Statistical Downscaling (BCSD) approach and are currently available for the cnrmcm3, gfdlcm21, ncarccsm3, and ncarpcm1 models under the A2 and B1 scenarios. The BCSD data cover 31.9375N to 43.9375N and 124.5625W to 113.0625W. The VIC grid is a 1/8th degree grid so this makes a "box" of 93 longitudes by 97 latitudes. The VIC computations are done over land only. For the 93x97 box there would be a total of 9021 points and 2096 of these would be missing (not land).

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