Symposium: Communicating the Science of Climate Change for Natural Resource Management Applications. Examples and Concepts for Success

Communicating science clearly and effectively is an essential step in the process of managing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources.

This collection of talks and a round-table discussion was presented at the 2016 Natural Areas Conference at UC Davis, CA. It was sponsored by the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative with the intention of fostering an exchange of expertise and ideas about science communications.

You may download the Discussion Session Graphic Notes and Briana's Symposium Summary

Session Coordinator: Deanne DiPietro, California LCC
Session Summary by Briana Abrahms, UC Berkeley
Discussion Moderator: Miriam Morrill, BLM California
Graphic Facilitation: Alison Kent, Listen-Ink

Speakers and Presentation Titles:

Carolyn Enquist
Deputy Director, Dept. of Interior Southwest Climate Science Center, Arizona

Presentation: “Toward optimizing the delivery of climate science for natural resource management: lessons learned from the recent adaptation efforts in Southern California” -- Graphic Notes

Adina Merenlender
Cooperative Extension Specialist, University of California Hopland Research and Extension Center
Director of the California Naturalist Program

Presentation: “Engaging the public through a community of climate stewards -- Graphic Notes

Susan Rose

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist, Rose Climate Change and Environmental Services

Presentation: “Engaging Tribes in Climate Adaptation” -- Graphic Notes

Amanda Sheffield

Climate Scientist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Coordinator, NOAA Regional Integrated Science and Assessment CA-NV Drought Early Warning System

Presentation: “Drought Early Warning Systems – making drought science available, understandable, and useable for decision making” -- Graphic Notes

Sam Veloz

Climate Adaptation Group Director, Point Blue Conservation Science

Presentation: “Scenario planning and incorporating uncertainty into management decisions -- Graphic Notes

Tamara Wall

Associate Research Professor of Atmospheric Science at Desert Research Institute in Reno, NV

Presentation: “Using Narrative Stories to Understand Ecological Knowledge in the Great Basin -- Graphic Notes