The Climate Smart North Bay Fact Sheet Series from NBCAI

The North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative

is a coalition of of natural resource managers, policy makers and scientists committed to working together to create positive solutions to the problem of climate adaptation for the ecosystems and watersheds of the North Bay area. The goal of NBCAI is to foster an open conversation between technical experts, land managers and policymakers in support of effective local scale climate adaptation strategies that preserve natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystem services.

Toward its mission to educate the North Bay community about the impacts of climate change on the region and appropriate adaptation measures that can be taken by individuals and organizations, NBCAI has published a series of fact sheets called "Climate Ready North Bay". There is a fact sheet providing a summary of current climate change science, and fact sheets for forest management, riparian stewardship, and policy.

You can get the Climate Ready North Bay Fact Sheets here:

Learn more about NBCAI at the NBCAI Website

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