Conservation Partnerships in the Central Valley

Below is an inventory of conservation partnerships in the Central Valley. Partnerships are groups or agencies and organizations collaborating towards common goals and objectives. This list provides the Central Valley Landscape Conservation Project with baseline information upon which to build a comprehensive partnership and guide identification of goals and priority resources. To add a conservation effort missing from this page, please contact Deanne DiPietro.

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Title Lead Partners Scale
Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership Numerous Ecoregion
California Rangeland Conservation Coalition Numerous Ecoregion
Tricolored Blackbird Working Group Numerous Multi County
Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners Numerous Multi County
Central Valley Joint Venture Numerous Ecoregion
California Landscape Conservation Cooperative Numerous Ecoregion
Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum Numerous Multi County
California Biodiversity Council State agencies Ecoregion
California Strategic Growth Council State agencies Ecoregion
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