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Training Series Description:

With the increased focus on the incorporation of climate research into conservation and planning practice, and the rapidly changing and highly technical nature of climate change data products, it is critical that spatial data is shared effectively and is thoroughly documented. This two-part training will focus on FGDC metadata creation and data sharing to serve the research, conservation, and planning communities in their effort to support "climate-smart" conservation and planning.

These two 1.5 hour webinars offered by Sonoma Ecology Center in partnership with the CA LCC are intended to provide just the right amount of information to get an organization confidently on-track with this important element of data management. You spoke and we listened! We used the results of a survey to develop the curriculum.

Webinar #1: "Metadata and the Data Life Cycle"
Wednesday January 23, 2014, 1:00--2:30 PST

This session will introduce spatial metadata, its uses and benefits in and outside of an organization, and its role in supporting the application of science in climate-smart planning. We will touch on the national and international standards, the options for sharing your geospatial data and its metadata, and how to decide what is right for your organization with respect to these choices. We'll take the case of the CA LCC as an example of best practices for researchers and agencies.
Instructor: Deanne DiPietro

Webinar #2: "Writing and Managing Metadata in ESRI Arc Environment"
February 27, 1:00-2:30 PST

This session will introduce the FGDC's Content Standard for Geospatial Metadata, look briefly at the array of useful tools for creating metadata, then demonstrate the creation of a metadata record using ESRI's 10.2 Arc Catalog. We will use data from a USGS climate model called the Basin Characterization Model to show how metadata for climate change data can be made using templating and drawing upon source materials. We will show the importance of well-filled-out metadata, talk about why it is needed to support research and planning, and touch upon ways to share your own metadata.
Instructors: Alex Young and Bryan Sesser

Recording of the webinars:
Click here for a recording of webinar #1.
Click here for a recording of webinar #2.

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