2016 Ocean Climate Summit


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The Fourth Ocean Climate Summit Report is now available! To download the report, click here.


Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Greater Farallones Association, in partnership with the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative, EcoAdapt, Schmidt Marine, Seed Fund, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers convened the Fourth Ocean Climate Summit: Resilience through Climate-Smart Conservation on May 17, 2016 at the Fort Mason GeneralÕs Residence in San Francisco. The goal of the summit was to improve the resilience of the North-central California coast and ocean to climate change through awareness, action, collaboration and leadership.


The program featured expert panels addressing the common theme of Climate-Smart Conservation, and included: Monitoring the Pulse of the Ocean; On-the-Ground Climate-Smart Conservation; Thinking Globally and Planning Locally for Sea Level Rise; and Climate-Smart from Watershed to Sea. Afternoon focus groups convened to share lessons learned, encourage collaboration, and advise the sanctuary on climate-smart conservation. A networking poster reception highlighting Bay Area projects and programs focused on coastal climate change and ocean acidification immediately followed, and a youth coastal climate education cafˇ was featured throughout the day. This year we were pleased to partner with the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative on a Climate-Smart Conservation training held at Fort Mason the following day.


Thank you for joining our growing network of scientists, coastal and marine resource managers, decision-makers, and educators for this yearÕs Ocean Climate Summit. For more information on past Ocean Climate Summits please click here.