2016 Ocean Climate Summit


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What is Climate-Smart Conservation?


Climate smart conservation strategies and actions specifically address impacts of climate change in concert with existing threats and promote nature-based solutions to:


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon sinks.
  • Enhance the benefits nature provides to people such as clean air, fresh water, fisheries, recreation, and flood control.
  • Improve the abilities of wildlife and people to adapt to the rapidly changing climate.


Visit the California Climate Commons Climate-Smart Conservation website to access:


  • General guidance materials
  • How-to materials and process frameworks
  • Software and online tools for analysis


Point Blue Conservation Science President and CEO, Ellie Cohen, provided an inspiring closing presentation at the 2013 Ocean Climate Summit to set the stage for this yearÕs theme (view her presentation here).



The Ocean Climate Summit is a ÒClimate-SmartÓ event


The following list highlights ways the Ocean Climate Summit organizers are reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from this event:


  • Summit announcement materials and summit proceedings distributed electronically.
  • Carbon offset options for travel to the summit provided on the website.
  • Alternative transportation options to the summit provided on the website.
  • Catering for the summit provided by James Stanfield Catering, a local, Bay Area caterer that specializes in sustainably produced, in-season, organic and local ingredients.
  • No disposable plastic used at the event. Only biodegradable or re-usable materials, including water glasses and pitchers instead of plastic water bottles.
  • Organizers request attendees bring their own water bottle and travel coffee mug to further increase the use of re-usable products.
  • Composting and recycling bins provided.
  • Participant nametags printed on recycled paper, without the use of any plastic.
  • One-page summit agenda printed using eco-friendly, 100% recycled, post-consumer materials, and sustainable processes. A. Maciel Printing sends electronic proofs, uses chemistry-free printing plates, soy inks, soy varnishes, and their printing shop runs on 100% wind power.