2016 Ocean Climate Summit


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On-the-Ground Climate-Smart Conservation

Moderator: Debra Schlafmann, California Landscape Conservation Cooperative


Climate-Smart Conservation: Nature-based solutions for a healthy future: Ellie Cohen, Point Blue Conservation Science


Funding Climate-Smart Conservation: Abe Doherty, Ocean Protection Council


Getting to Climate-Smart: project design, implementation, partnerships and policy integration: Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt


Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary climate adaptation: Sara Hutto, GFNMS



Monitoring the Pulse of the Ocean

Moderator: Benét Duncan, Ocean Science Trust


Sea level rise, storms, waves, and shoreline change: Patrick Barnard, U.S. Geological Survey


Climate-driven changes to ocean water properties: John Largier., U.C. Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory


Biological response to recent changes in climate: Bill Sydeman, Farallon Institute


Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS): Long-term monitoring to inform ocean climate indicators: Meredith Elliott, Point Blue Conservation Science


Implications of climate change for fisheries: The human dimensions: Carrie Pomeroy, California Sea Grant Extension, UCSD; Institute of Marine Sciences, UCSC



Thinking Globally and Planning Locally for Sea Level Rise

Moderator: Amy Hutzel, State Coastal Conservancy


Update to the General Plan Guidelines, implementation of recent climate adaptation legislation and improved resources on climate adaptation: Michael McCormick, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research


Sea Change San Mateo County: Hilary Papendick, County of San Mateo, Office of Sustainability


Leaning into adaptation: the challenges ahead: Jack Liebster, County of Marin, Community Development Agency


Ocean Beach Master Plan: Ben Grant, San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR)



Climate-Smart from Watershed to Sea

Moderator: Andy Gunther, Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change Consortium


Quantifying coastal fog for management actions: Alicia Torregrosa, U.S. Geological Survey


SAGE-Engineering with Nature: Using natural systems and processes for climate change adaptationMarriah Abellera, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Elizabeth Murray, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


North End of Bolinas Lagoon wetlands enhancement and sea level rise adaptation: Veronica Pearson, Marin County Parks


NOAA's Habitat Blueprint and the Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative: Managing Our Natural and Water Resources from “Sea to Summit to Sea,” an example from the Russian River Habitat Focus Area: Natalie Cosentino-Manning, NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center



Education Tables


Game of Floods Outreach Activity: Lauren Armstrong, Marin County Community Development Agency


Climate Kids: Laura Hampton, Climate Science Alliance – South Coast


Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Climate Education Programs: Carol Preston and Rietta Hohman, Greater Farallones NMS


The Youth Exploring Sea Level Rise Science (YESS) Project:  Educating, Engaging, and Empowering Youth on Climate Change: Marina Psaros, Coravai LLC






Understanding coastal habitat dynamics by analysis of harbor seal habitat use: Karen Backe, Romberg Tiburon Center, SFSU


Improving an Ocean Acidification Observing System in Support of Pacific Coast Shell Fish Growers: Aric Bickel, MBARI


Testing a Novel Adaptation Strategy in a California Salt Marsh: Evyan Borgnis, State Coastal Conservancy


Farallon Island Wildlife Status Update for 2014-2015: Russ Bradley, Point Blue Conservation Science


Vessel speed reduction (VSR) program in the Santa Barbara Channel: Michael Carver, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary


North Central California Ecosystem Status Update for 2014-2015: Meredith Elliott, Point Blue Conservation Science


The Ocean Acidification Story: Connecting Science to Outreach: Laura Francis, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary


Sonoma Creek Enhancement Project: Courtney Gutman, Audubon California


California Coastal Commission Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance: Michelle Jesperson and Kelsey Ducklow, California Coastal Commission


Managing the Coastal Squeeze – Resilience Planning for Shoreline Residential Development: Michelle Jesperson and Mary Matella, California Coastal Commission


Youth-based citizen science program reveals climate-related trends in rocky intertidal: Monika Krach, Greater Farallones Association


Cracking Crabs with Deliciously Difficult Data: Seth Lalonde, FlowWest


Biological mortality anomolies in the northern and central California ecosystem, 2014-2015: Kirsten Lindquist, Greater Farallones Association


Building on the successes of the Ocean Climate Adaptation for the North-Central CA Coast -- Adaptation planning in other National Marine Sanctuary Communities: Catherine Marzin and Joseph Paulin, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries


Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies: The 2014 Vessel Speed Reduction Incentive Trial in the Santa Barbara Channel: Jessica Morten, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary


Resilient Small Cities: Alex Porteshawver, City of Benicia


Two New Sea Level Rise Projects for the Bay Area: Bruce Riordan, Climate Readiness Institute