Climate Change Trends: National Park Service Climate Change Response Program

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A collection of reports with park-specific data on historical and projected climate change trends. These reports are part of the Pacific West Region's Climate Change Toolkit, described below. To find a specific park, change the display to 250 records per page and then use your find-in-page function on your browser.

In 2013, the Pacific West Region released a climate change response strategy and action plan. The strategy, developed by the interdisciplinary Climate Change Coordination Committee, called for a toolkit to provide resources to parks in support of climate change response work. In January, 2015, the Regional Leadership Council (RLC) identified climate change leadership as a strategic priority. The RLC called for a climate change communication toolkit that would be shared with parks and programs in our region to foster understanding, climate change literacy, and encourage actions that will address these impacts.

Creation of the PWR Climate Change Toolkit has been a collaborative effort. A work group made up of Advisory Committee representatives and Climate Change Champions developed the organizing framework for the site. Park-based staff throughout the region provided input on the scope of content needed. In 2015, a focus group of PWR subject matter experts participated in a beta test of the toolkit. The toolkit site itself was constructed by interns supported by the Young Leaders in Climate Change program and the Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit at UC Berkeley. Support from the Natural Resources Stewardship and Science program allowed the toolkit to access the wealth of information located in the IRMA data store.

Climate change leadership is an important priority not only for our region, but also for the National Park Service, the Department of the Interior, and the Administration. Using and contributing to this toolkit is an important way to support climate change initiatives at all levels of the organization. I’m proud of the exceptional climate change response activities taking place in the Pacific West Region and encourage you to use this new toolkit to leverage and increase the impact of this critically important work.


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