Incorporating Novel Ecosystems into Management Frameworks

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Hulvey, Kristin B., Standish, Rachel J., Hallett, Lauren M., Starzomski, Brian M., Murphy, Stephen D., Nelson, Cara R., Gardener, Mark R., Kennedy, Patricia L., Seastedt, Timothy R., and Suding, Katherine N.

This chapter provides a framework that helps managers, whether scientists or stewards, navigate the decisions that lead to new management approaches in hybrid and novel ecosystems. It first presents a decision-making flowchart that can be used as roadmap to navigate possible management actions. The chapter then explores the role of ecological and social barriers in creation and maintenance of hybrid and novel ecosystems. It argues that working to understand the historical structure and conditions in ecosystem is useful for planning current management strategy. Finally, the chapter highlights examples of challenging decision points which managers will likely face as they work to incorporate hybrid and novel ecosystems into strategies for restoration, conservation and management.


Hulvey, K. B., R. J. Standish, L. M. Hallett, B. M. Starzomski, S. D. Murphy, C. R. Nelson, M. R. Gardener, P. L. Kennedy, T. R. Seastedt, and K. N. Suding. 2013. Incorporating Novel Ecosystems into Management Frameworks. Pages 157–171 in R. J. Hobbs, E. S. Higgs, and C. M. Hall, editors. Novel Ecosystems. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.