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4.22 - Vulnerability of Estuaries to Climate Change Kimmerer, W. and Weaver, M.J. 2013 climate change impacts, estuarine ecosystems, sea level rise
Dealing with Complexity and Extreme Events Using a Bottom-Up, Resource-Based Vulnerability Perspective Pielke, Roger A. Sr., Wilby, Rob, Niyogi, Dev, Hossain, Faisal, Dairuku, Koji, Kallos, George, Seastedt, Timothy, and Suding, Katherine 2013 vulnerability assessment, climate change adaptation, decision making, adaptation planning
Fundamental concepts of recharge in the Desert Southwest: a regional modeling perspective Flint, A. L., Flint, L. E., Hevesi, J. A., Blainey, J. M. 2004 groundwater recharge, precipitation
Incorporating Novel Ecosystems into Management Frameworks Hulvey, Kristin B., Standish, Rachel J., Hallett, Lauren M., Starzomski, Brian M., Murphy, Stephen D., Nelson, Cara R., Gardener, Mark R., Kennedy, Patricia L., Seastedt, Timothy R., and Suding, Katherine N. 2013 biodiversity management, scenario planning, novel climates, novel ecosystems
Novel Ecosystems and Climate Change Starzomski, Brian M. 2013 novel climates, biodiversity management, biotic communities, novel ecosystems
Present Weather and Climate: Evolving Conditions Hoerling, M., Dettinger, M., Wolter, K., Lukas, J., Eischeid, J., Nemani, R., Liebmann, B., Kunkel, K.E. 2013 climate change, paleoclimates, hydrology
Regional analysis of ground-water recharge Flint, Lorraine E. and Flint, Alan L. 2007 groundwater recharge, precipitation
Southwest Climate Change Assessment Report: Summary for Decision Makers Overpeck, Jonathan, Garfin, G., Jardine, A., Busch, D. E., Cayan, D., Dettinger, M., Fleishman, E., Gershunov, A., Macdonald, G., Redmond, K. T., Travis, W. R., Udall, B. 2013 climate change, climate change projections, historical climate
What Do Indigenous Knowledges Do for Indigenous Peoples? Whyte, Kyle Powys 2015 traditional ecological knowledge, knowledge exchange, indigenous peoples
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