What Do Indigenous Knowledges Do for Indigenous Peoples?

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Whyte, Kyle Powys
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"In this essay, I aim to engage with the broad community involved in conversations about the ways in which knowledge exchange can occur between Indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems and the fields of climate, environmental and sustainability sciences. ...I will make some connections among concepts of self-determination, Indigenous planning, climate, environmental and sustainability sciences and Indigenous knowledges before I preview what will come in the rest of this essay. In the end, my argument is that scientists who seek to exchange knowledge with Indigenous peoples should not only understand what Indigenous knowledge systems can do for them but also have a sense of the significance of these knowledge systems for Indigenous governance today."


Whyte, K. P. 2015. What Do Indigenous Knowledges Do for Indigenous Peoples? in Keepers of the Green World: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Sustainability, eds. Nelson, M. K. and Shilling, D. Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.