Present Weather and Climate: Evolving Conditions

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Hoerling, M., Dettinger, M., Wolter, K., Lukas, J., Eischeid, J., Nemani, R., Liebmann, B., Kunkel, K.E.
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This chapter assesses weather and climate variability and trends in the Southwest, using
observed climate and paleoclimate records. It analyzes the last 100 years of climate variability in comparison to the last 1,000 years, and links the important features of evolving
climate conditions to river flow variability in four of the region’s major drainage basins.
The chapter closes with an assessment of the monitoring and scientific research needed to increase confidence in understanding when climate episodes, events, and phenomena
are attributable to human-caused climate change.


Hoerling, M., M. Dettinger, K. Wolter, J. Lukas, J. Eischeid, R. Nemani, B. Liebmann, and K. E. Kunkel. 2013. Present Weather and Climate: Evolving Conditions. Pages 74–100 Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States. Island Press, Washington, DC.