Perspectives and Guidance for Climate Change Analysis

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Lynn, Elissa, Andrew Schwarz, Jamie Anderson, and Matt Correa
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This report summarizes the perspectives and guidance of the California Department of Water Resources’ (DWR’s) Climate Change Technical Advisory Group (CCTAG) regarding the use of climate models and associated technical tools for use in water resource planning. DWR empaneled this CCTAG to provide expert adviceon the scientific aspects of climate change, its impacts on water resources, the use and creation of planning approaches and analytical tools, and the development of adaptation responses. DWR requested specific assistance with developing:

• A set of future climate scenarios and analysis procedures appropriate for DWR’s planning activities.
• An approach to extreme climate-change scenarios to provide “stress tests.”
• Interim guidance on modeling extreme weather events that cause flooding (time permitting, within the tenure of the CCTAG).


Lynn, Elissa, Andrew Schwarz, Jamie Anderson, and Matt Correa. 2015. “Perspectives and Guidance for Climate Change Analysis.” Climate Change Technical Advisory Group, California Department of Water Resources.