State of Local Climate Action: California 2016

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Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative
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The goal of this report is to provide a broad yet detailed picture of what local governments in California are accomplishing in their climate mitigation efforts, as well as where gaps remain. This report is the product of a major effort to bring together data from multiple sources, including from the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC) programs and tools like the Beacon Program and the ClearPath emissions management software, from the ratepayer- funded Local Government Partnerships Program, and from local government websites and direct contacts between local governments and SEEC partners. While a considerable amount of data has been collected and is presented in this report, the effort to fully collect comprehensive data on energy efficiency and climate mitigation planning, policies and programs is ongoing and the report identifies several areas where additional research is needed. This report is organized in two major chapters. The first chapter is data-focused with an analysis of local government actions in the areas of conducting greenhouse gas inventories, setting emissions goals, developing plans, implementing policies and programs, and leading by example through emissions reduction in their own operations. The second chapter presents case studies of four local governments and two regional agencies. The case studies allow for deeper analyses to better understand motivations, barriers and effective approaches. Finally, a conclusion provides some recommendations for approaches and support that could help local governments in California


Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative. 2016. “State of Local Climate Action: California 2016.”