Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Strategies for Coastal Southern California Habitats

In this CA LCC-funded Climate-Smart Conservation Planning effort, EcoAdapt's climate adaptation scientists worked with National Forest conservation managers to conduct vulnerability assessments, develop climate-smart adaptation strategies and actions, and generate implementation plans for key habitats of Southern California, with a specific focus on four National Forests (Angeles, San Bernardino, Cleveland, Los Padres). This effort provides information and example case studies for USFS planning and management (e.g., Forest Plan Revisions, Climate Change Performance Scorecard) among other natural resource management and conservation efforts to prepare for climate change impacts in Southern California.

Above: Coastal Southern California National Forests, the focus of the Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Strategies
Climate Adaptation Materials offered here:

Below we offer these materials grouped by habitat and action type. Please see this Overview of the Methodology and Climate Change Assessment used to produce these documents.

EcoAdapt also presents this project and its products for download on their project page: Southern California Climate Adaptation Project.

For more information about these assessments and plans, please contact Jessi Kershner at EcoAdapt.

Vulnerability Assessments and Implementation Plans by Habitat

Habitat Vulnerability Adaptation Briefing Vulnerability Assessment Docs Adaptation Plan Docs
Alluvial Scrub Alluvial Scrub V-A Briefing Alluvial Scrub VA Synthesis
Alluvial Scrub VA Summary
Alluvial Scrub Adaptation Synthesis
Alluvial Scrub Adaptation Summary
Chaparral & Sage Scrub Chaparral V-A Briefing
Sage Scrub V-A Briefing
Chaparral VA Synthesis
Chaparral VA Summary
Sage Scrub VA Synthesis
Sage Scrub VA Summary
Chaparral & Sage Scrub Adaptation Synthesis
Chaparral & Sage Scrub Adaptation Summary
Conifer & Subalpine Conifer V-A Briefing
Subalpine V-A Briefing
Conifer VA Synthesis
Conifer VA Summary
Subalpine VA Synthesis
Subalpine VA Summary
Conifer & Subalpine Adaptation Synthesis
Conifer & Subalpine Adaptation Summary
Desert Desert V-A Briefing Desert VA Synthesis
Desert VA Summary
Desert Adaptation Synthesis
Desert Adaptation Summary
Endemic Habitats Endemic Habitats V-A Briefing Endemic Habitats VA Synthesis
Endemic Habitats VA Summary
Endemic Habitats Adaptation Synthesis
Endemic Habitats Adaptation Summary
Grasslands Grasslands V-A Briefing Grasslands VA Synthesis
Grasslands VA Summary
Grasslands Adaptation Synthesis
Grasslands Adaptation Summary
Oak Woodlands Oak Woodlands V-A Briefing Oak Woodlands VA Synthesis
Oak Woodlands VA Summary
Oak Woodlands Adaptation Synthesis
Oak Woodlands Adaptation Summary
Riparian Riparian V-A Briefing Riparian VA Synthesis
Riparian VA Summary
Riparian Adaptation Synthesis
Riparian Adaptation Summary
Rivers & Streams Rivers & Streams V-A Briefing Rivers & Streams VA Synthesis
Rivers & Streams VA Summary
Rivers & Streams Adaptation Synthesis
Rivers & Streams Adaptation Summary

Climate-Smart Conservation Action Implementation Guides & Case Studies

Conservation Action Implementation Guide Case Study
Fire & Fuel Management Fire & Fuels Management Guide Ojai Community Defense Zone Project
Grazing Management Grazing Management Guide Lower Piru Rangelands Project
Restoration & Planting Restoration & Planting Guide San Diego River Coastal Sage Scrub Restoration Project
Watershed Improvement Watershed Improvement Guide Trabuco Creek Watershed Improvement Project
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