Baylands Goals Climate Change Scenario Analysis Maps

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Basic Information

These maps were produced for the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Update team and constitute a common set of maps for use across the working groups.

Maps included are:

Marsh accretion with high and low sediment supply, and high and low sea level rise, shown as elevations and habitat type, for the entire San Francisco Bay Estuary and zoom-ins for the Delta/Suisun Bay, South SF Bay, and San Pablo Bay study segments.

Graphic representation of the projected habitat types for each sediment/SLR scenario, for the SF Bay Estuary subregions.

Suspended sediment estimates for the 15 biogeomorphic subregions (background information).

Sources of elevation data for the regions (background information).

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May 19, 2014
Parameters / Choices
A dataset often contains many geodata layers representing the same kind of measurement, but for different values of some parameters - time periods, models or scenarios, different species, etc. A value must be chosen for each such parameter in order to select a specific layer or raster which associated a single value with each geographic location (cell). The parameters or choices relevant to selecting layers from this dataset are described here.
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2010, 2030, 2050, 2100
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