Results for: Climate Change Impact Assessment

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Baylands Goals Climate Change Scenario Analysis Maps Point Blue Conservation Science May 19, 2014 tidal marshes, climate change impacts
Bird Species Richness Response to Climate Change Point Blue Conservation Science bioclimatic modeling, climate change projections
California Rangeland Threats, summary by HUC watershed USGS Western Geographic Science Center 2013 rangelands, water resources, habitat conservation, carbon sequestration, ecosystem services
California Vegetation Climate Change Exposure and Refugia Thorne, J.H., R.M. Boynton, A.J. Holguin, J.A.E. Stewart, & J. Bjorkman. 2016 chaparral, hardwoods, forests, Valley Oak, redwoods, rangelands, vegetation, land cover, urban lands, macrogroup
California Wildfire Risk with Climate Change Krawchuk, Meg and Moritz, Max climate change projections, wildfire, ecological modeling
Climate Change Vulnerability Species Scores for California Bird Species of Special Concern Point Blue Conservation Science vulnerability assessment, birds
Magnitude of Climate Change Point Blue Conservation Science 2011 climate change
Plant Profiles and Vulnerability Scores for 156 Rare Plants of California Anacker, Brian; Leidholm, Krystal; Gogol-Prokurat, Melanie; and Schoenig, Steve December 12, 2011 vulnerability assessment, rare plants
Predicted Effects of Climate Change on Inland Fishes of California Moyle, Peter, 2011 fish, biodiversity
Projected climate change and urbanization impacts on the distribution of five Southern California species Regan, H.M., A.D. Syphard, J. Franklin, R. Swab, L. Markovchick, A.L. Flint, L.E. Flint, P.H. Zedler March, 2014 big-eared woodrat, California gnatcatcher, Ceanothus greggii, Ceanothus verrucosus, Tecate cypress, species distributions, species distribution modeling, biodiversity
Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Intraspecific Variation Ryan Harrigan <>; Thomas B Smith, May, 2017 population genetics
Raster Datasets: Integrated Scenarios for Assessing Threats to Ecosystem Services on California Rangelands Byrd, Kristin B. (USGS Western Geographic Science Center) 12.2013 climate change impacts, rangelands
Vulnerability Rankings and Assessment Matrix for 168 Sierra Nevada Bird Species Rodney Siegel May, 2014 bird conservation, vulnerability assessment
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