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California Augmented Multisource Landcover Map (CAML 2010) Allan D. Hollander 2011 land cover, vegetation distribution, agriculture, land use planning, land use
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of California's Terrestrial Vegetation Thorne, J.H., R.M. Boynton, A.J. Holguin, J.A.E. Stewart, & J. Bjorkman. chaparral, hardwoods, forest, Valley Oak, Redwood, range lands, vegetation, land cover, urban, macrogroup
Ecological Unit Map of Southern California Hollander, Allan D. December 2016 land cover, ecosystem services
Landsat U.S. Geological Survey satellite imagery, land cover, remote sensing
Multi-source Land Cover Data org: Fire and Resource Assessment Program, org: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection 2002 land cover, biotic communities, land use
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Climate change modifies risk of global biodiversity loss due to land-cover change Mantyka-Pringle, Chrystal S., Piero Visconti, Moreno Di Marco, Tara G. Martin, Carlo Rondinini, and Jonathan R. Rhodes 2015 land cover, climate change impacts on biodiversity, land use
Climate-relevant land use and land cover change policies Mahmood, Rezaul, Roger A. Pielke, Thomas R. Loveland, and Clive A. McAlpine 2016 land cover, land use planning, climate change mitigation, climate change impacts
Local temperature response to land cover and management change driven by non-radiative processes Bright, Ryan M., Edouard Davin, Thomas O’Halloran, Julia Pongratz, Kaiguang Zhao, and Alessandro Cescatt 2017 climate change mitigation, land cover, land use planning, temperature
More than CO2: a broader paradigm for managing climate change and variability to avoid ecosystem collapse McAlpine, C.A., Ryan, J. G., Seabrook, L., Thomas, S., Dargusch, P.J., Syktus, J.I., Pielke Sr., R. A., Etter, A.F., Fearnside, P.M., and Laurance, W.F. 2010 climate change mitigation, forest management, land cover, land use planning
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Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) U.S. Geological Survey satellite imagery, land cover, remote sensing
The LUCAS Model Land-Use and Climate Change Team, land use, land cover, carbon storage, ecological modeling
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