California Fish Distribution Maps

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Basic Information

Distribution (present and historical) maps for all 133 native freshwater fish species in California. Maps include observation made during field surveys by various state and federal agencies. The data are compiled from multiple sources and experts and is stored and exported as rangemaps and summary maps. Sources include databases from CA Fish and Wildlife, NatureServe, CalTrout, and FERC relicensing.

The data includes polygons describing these range types:
Extant Range - Expert Opinion
Historic Range - Expert Opinion
Translocated - Expert Opinion
Translocated - Observed

Data is available as KMZ and SHP formats. To access spatial data for a species, search for it by name, click the "Spatial Data" tab, and then click the file (and file format) you wish to download.

All maps must be acknowledged and cited as Quinones, R.M., P.B. Moyle, J.V. Katz, A. Bell, and N. Santos (2013) Current and historical distributions of California inland fishes.
Quinones, R.M., P.B. Moyle, J.V. Katz, A. Bell, N. Santos
California LCC
UC Davis Watershed Science Center
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