San Francisco Bay Marsh Elevation Models

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Basic Information

This set of elevation models was developed to understand current (2010) conditions of San Francisco salt marshes and for input into sea-level rise prediction models. These elevation models were built by interpolating surveyed elevation points. The elevation surveys were conducted with a Leica RX1230 Real-Time Kinematic GPS which is capable of < 2 cm vertical accuracy.

  • Gambinini Marsh
  • Petaluma Marsh
  • Black John Marsh
  • San Pablo Bay NWR Marsh
  • Coon Island Marsh
  • Fagan Slough Marsh
  • China Camp Marsh
  • Corte Madera Ecological Reserve
  • Arrowhead Marsh
  • Cogswell Marsh
  • Laumeister Marsh
  • Colma Marsh
Buffington, Kevin J., John Y. Takekawa, Karen M. Thorne
Western Ecological Research Center, USGS
Spatial Resolution: 
3 meters
Temporal Coverage: 
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Parameters / Choices
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