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Sierra Nevada Refugial Meadows with Connectivity Rankings.

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Data Output - Product or Deliverable
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Meadows delineated in the Sierra Nevada wth refugial status and connectivity rankings--WellConnected (WC), ReallyWellConnected (RC), Stable. Satisfies the delivery of "Sierra Nevada Connectivity Maps" and "Sierra Nevada Meadows Map". Maps of the Sierra Nevada Meadows designated by their connectivity classification and whether they are expected to have a climate different than historic (1910-1939). We generated maps for modern climate (1970-1999) and four future climate scenarios, broken down into 30 year intervals, in which we assumed connectivity would not change because resistance and conductance surfaces were static. Data for the map are polygon shapefiles of meadows, processed first by buffer and dissolve in ArcGIS that were overlayed on connectivity surfaces and climate layers. We classified polygons based on connectivity value and the amount of change observed or expected. Refugia definitions depended upon the climate variable (i.e. within 1 degree Celcius in temperature; 10% of precipitation).
Raster layers, generally at 540m resolution. Presented as a ESRI Layer Package in Databasin.
Processing & Workflow: 
Using the program Circuitscape, we estimated connectivity between meadows using raster layers representing hypotheses of isolation. Depending upon the values in the raster, they were treated as conductance or resistance surfaces; the output map for each layer represent the sum of connectivity.
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Data are stored on portable harddrives and servers at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley
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Sean Maher,
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