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Coastal Resilience

The Coastal Resilience site is intended to provide information to land use and natural resource managers that will help them integrate sea level rise and coastal hazards into their decision-making. The site contains information about: (1) the issue (specific local projections of sea level rise and storm surge inundation), (2) what's at risk (spatial data on the natural and socio-economic resources that are vulnerable), and (3) what can be done (regulatory options for adapting to these changes). The site provides a web mapping interface that plots coastal hazards globally and also provides a Nearshore Waves tool for oyster reef management in the Gulf of Mexico. Geographies of particular interest in this project include New York and Connecticut, the Gulf of Mexico, Ventura County, California, the Florida Keys, MesoAmerican Reefs, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puget Sound, and the Gulf of California.

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