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2016 Ocean Climate Summit Report: Resilience through Climate-Smart Conservation Hutto, Sara 2016 coastal zone management, marine ecosystems, coastal adaptation planning
A Seamless, High-Resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the North-Central California Coast Foxgrover, Amy C. and Barnard, Patrick L. 2012 elevation data, coastal zone management
Adapting to Climate Change: A Planning Guide for State Coastal Managers National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2010 coastal zone management, sea level rise, climate change adaptation
Adapting to climate impacts in California: the importance of civic science in local coastal planning McGuinnis, Michael Vincent and McGinnis, Christina Elizabeth 2011 coastal zone management, climate change adaptation
California coastal management with a changing climate Hanak, Ellen and Moreno, Georgina 2012 climate change adaptation, coastal zone management
Climate-Smart Adaptation for North-central California Coastal Habitats Sara Hutto, editor March, 2016 climate change adaptation, coastal adaptation planning, marine ecosystems, coastal zone management
Coastal infrastructure: a typology for the next century of adaptation to sea-level rise Hill, Kristina 2015 coastal zone management, coastal adaptation planning, sea level rise
Key lessons for incorporating natural infrastructure into regional climate adaptation planning Langridge, Suzanne M., Hartge, Eric H., Clark, Ross, Arkema, Katie, Verutes, Gregory M., Prahler, Erin E., Stoner-Duncan, Sarah, Revell, David L., Caldwell, Margaret R., Guerry, Anne D., Ruckelhaus, Mary, Abeles, Adina, Coburn, Chris, and O'Conner, Kevin 2014 sea level rise, coastal adaptation planning, coastal zone management, climate change adaptation
Santa Barbara Area Coastal Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment Myers, Monique R., Daniel R. Cayan, Sam F. Iacobellis, John M. Melack, R. Edward Beighley, Patrick L. Barnard, Jenifer E. Dugan, and Henry Mark Page 2017 vulnerability assessment, coastal zone management, climate change impacts, sea level rise
Sea-level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington: Past, Present, Future National Research Council 2012 sea level rise, coastal zone management
Spatial marine zoning for fisheries and conservation Klein, Carissa Joy, Steinback, Charles, Watts, Matthew, Scholz, Astrid J. and Possingham, Hugh P. 2009 conservation planning, conservation prioritization, coastal zone management
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Coastal Resilience The Nature Conservancy sea level rise, resilience, coastal zone management
Digital Coast NOAA Coastal Services Center coastal zone management
Type: CA LCC Project
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North-Central California Coast and Ocean Climate-Smart Adaptation Project coastal adaptation planning, coastal zone management, vulnerability assessment, adaptation planning
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OCOF Sea Level Rise Impacts Data for SF Outer Bay Coast Barnard, Patrick, Amy Foxgrover, Li Erikson (USGS) 2012-11 sea level rise, coastal flooding, coastal zone management
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