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North-Central California Coast and Ocean Climate-Smart Adaptation Project

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The North-central California coast and ocean is a globally significant, extraordinarily diverse and productive marine and coastal ecosystem that is home to abundant wildlife, valuable fisheries, two national marine sanctuaries, two national parks, and a national wildlife refuge. It is a treasured resource of the San Francisco Bay Area's seven million residents that rely on this unique marine ecosystem for their livelihoods and recreation. Significant coastal areas, including Tomales Bay, Bolinas Lagoon, Estero Americano, and Estero de San Antonio, support a diversity of habitats, including eelgrass beds, intertidal sand and mud flats, and salt and freshwater marshes that provide numerous ecosystem services such as carbon storage, flood control and improved water quality (GFNMS 2008).

Marine resource managers realize the immediate threats of climate change to the resilience, health, and ecosystem services of the special coastal and ocean places they protect, yet the resources to develop appropriate management options to prepare for and respond to a changing environment are limited (Gregg et al. 2011). Adaptation planning techniques and processes are well developed, but there is a lack of application of these methods for marine systems (Gregg et al. 2011).

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See also: Climate Change Impacts: Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries. Report of a Joint Working Group of the Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries Advisory Councils

Project Outcomes (see below for access as these products are released):
1) Vulnerability Assessment for focal resources for the coast and ocean region from Ano Nuevo, San Mateo County to Alder Creek, Mendocino County.
2) Climate scenarios for the region
3) Prioritized list of adaptation strategies
4) Climate Action Plan for the coast and ocean region from Ano Nuevo, San Mateo County to Alder Creek, Mendocino County.

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Sara Hutto,
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Products of this project

Titlesort descending Deliverable Type Release Date Commons Catalog Record or External Link
Climate Action Plan Conservation Plan / Design / Framework Jun 2016
Climate scenarios for the study region Report Apr 2015
Climate- Smart Adaptation Working Group Aug 2014
Climate-Smart Adaptation Report with Recommended Adaptation Strategies Report Mar 2016
Integrating Climate-Smart Conservation into Marine Protected Area Management Training / Outreach / Workshop May 2015
Project outreach and trainings Training / Outreach / Workshop Mar 2016
Vulnerability Assessment Report Report Feb 2015
Workshop 1: Focal Resources Workshop Training / Outreach / Workshop Feb 2014
Workshop 2: Vulnerability Assessment Training / Outreach / Workshop Jun 2014