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Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

This is the home site for the Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network (LCC), which is a partnership of resource managers and scientists from federal, state, and local governments along with Tribes and First Nations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and interested public and private organizations who are working collaboratively to identify best practices, connect efforts, identify science gaps, and avoid duplication through conservation planning and design. The mission of the network is to:

  • Develop and provide integrated science-based information about the implications of climate change and other stressors for the sustainability of natural and cultural resources
  • Develop shared, landscape-level, conservation objectives and inform conservation strategies that are based on a shared scientific understanding about the landscape, including the implications of current and future environmental stressors
  • Facilitate the exchange of applied science in the implementation of conservation strategies and products developed by the Cooperative or their partners
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of LCC conservation strategies in meeting shared objective
  • Develop appropriate linkages that connect LCCs to ensure an effective network.
Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network
Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network
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