Supporting Climate Adaptation Decisions for Estuarine Ecosystems of the San Francisco Bay

Project Overview

This project brought together natural resource managers, conservation coordinators and planners, and scientists working within the San Francisco Bay to identify optimal management alternatives that can be coordinated among partners to achieve fundamental objectives for conservation in San Francisco Bay in the face of climate change.

The effort augments the Baylands Goals Update by evaluating and prioritizing the Update's suite of management recommendations for each subregion considering their linkage to critical factors, focus and effectiveness in achieving goals, feasibility in light of available resources, and potential impact within and among subregions over time.

This work was led by the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture and funded by the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative and the US Fish & Wildlife Refuge Inventory and Monitoring Program.

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Final Products:

Project final report:

Full Report (PDF, 6 mb)

Report Sections:

Mattsson, B.J., B. Huning, G. Block, K. Robinson, C. Sloop, and J. Cummings. 2015. Developing a spatially-explicit climate adaptation framework for estuarine ecosystems of the San Francisco Bay: Climate Adaptation for Decision Support. San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, Fairfax, CA. Online:

Subregional decision networks:
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Final webinar: PDF, 12 mb

Archive of project workshops, webinars, and interim materials (Google Site)