Sediment Export in Southern California 2000-2015

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The directory linked in the URL contains raster layers developed to model the impacts of fire on sediment erosion. These layers were developed using the InVEST model for sediment delivery ( and layers are described under the Interpreting Results section of this page. The nomenclature for the file names is as follows: variable-cover percentage-year, for instance "sed_export_c80y2014.tif.gz" is a gzip-compressed tif file of sediment export modeled under 80% vegetation cover and using the 2014 climate year. The years range from 2000 to 2015 to reflect the impacts of different amounts of precipitation on erosion in each individual climate years. The vegetation cover variable is designed to be used with fire burn severity mapping. That is, 100% cover represents the unburned condition, 80% cover represents loss of 20% of the vegetation, and so on. Cover percentage ranges are 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%

The dataset is a product of a three year study by UC Davis and the USFS to undertake a quantification and valuation of six ecosystem services across four national forests in southern California. The work is funded by the USFS Pacific Southwest, the USFS Pacific Northwest’s Western Wildland Environmental Threats Assessment Center, and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

Allan D. Hollander
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Spatial Resolution: 
30 meters
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June 2018