Sediment Export in Southern California Under Climate Change

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Basic Information

The directory linked in the URL contains raster layers developed to model the impact of climate change on sediment erosion. These layers were developed using the InVEST model for sediment delivery ( and layers are described under the Interpreting Results section of this page. The filenames contain a short name of the climate model used in the analysis. The full names of the models are: CNRM-CM5, CCMS4, IPSL-CM5A-LR, FGOALS-g2, MIROC-ESM. These climate models have been linked to the InVEST sediment delivery model through analyses of the predicted precipitation through using monthly averages to derive an estimate of rainfall erosivity.

The dataset is a product of a three year study by UC Davis and the USFS to undertake a quantification and valuation of six ecosystem services across four national forests in southern California. The work is funded by the USFS Pacific Southwest, the USFS Pacific Northwest’s Western Wildland Environmental Threats Assessment Center, and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

Allan D. Hollander
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Spatial Resolution: 
30 meters
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June 2018
Parameters / Choices
A dataset often contains many geodata layers representing the same kind of measurement, but for different values of some parameters - time periods, models or scenarios, different species, etc. A value must be chosen for each such parameter in order to select a specific layer or raster which associated a single value with each geographic location (cell). The parameters or choices relevant to selecting layers from this dataset are described here.
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