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GFDL versions CM 2.0 or CM 2.1

The final configuration of the GFDL CM2.0 model was determined in early 2004. The first IPCC-related experiment to be run using CM2.0 (CM2Q_Control-1860_d2) was launched in late April 2004. Other CM2.0 IPCC-related experiments followed until the simulations were completed during autumn 2004. The second member of the CM2.x family of models, CM2.1, was finalized in the late summer of 2004 and the first CM2.1 IPCC-related experiments were launched in September 2004. Drafts of papers documenting various aspects of the CM2.0 and CM2.1 models have been submitted and analysis work continues at GFDL. The CM2.x papers began to appear in refereed journals in 2005. Additional papers authored by GFDL scientists and reporting on various aspects of these model simulations, will continue to appear for some time.