Central Coast Region Report

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Langridge, Ruth
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The Central Coast Region is notable for its extensive natural ecosystems, many of which will be impacted by climate change. Hardwood forests, scrublands,and herbaceous grasslands comprise most of its land cover, with significantly less intensive agriculture and small-to medium-sized cities in the region. There is a strong demand for development in rural areas and agriculture is being developed on lands formerly supporting grazing or natural vegetation. The region continues to reflect an economic and social disconnect between prosperous coastal communities and agricultural areas with many low-income farm workers, inequalities that may result in disadvantaged groups suffering disproportionately from the impacts of climate change.


Langridge, Ruth. 2018. “Central Coast Region Report.” SUM-CCCA4-2018-006. California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment. Sacramento, CA: California Governer’s Office of Planning and Research, California Natural Resources Agency, and the California Energy Commission.