Climate Justice Summary Report

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Roos, Michelle
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This report summarizes existing academic research and research from California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment in the form of a literature review of climate adaptation as it relates to climate justice in California and as an initial resource for further strengthening adaptation efforts. Climate justice is defined as “the concept that no group of people should disproportionately bear the burden of climate impacts or the costs of mitigation and adaptation” (Cooley 2012). Climate adaptation is minimizing the impacts of climate change by counteracting climate impacts or reducing the vulnerability of populations to these impacts. This synthesis report includes terms and definitions that are key to understanding climate justice and adaptation. It reviews mapping tools and indices that help identify the most vulnerable communities in relation to current and projected climate impacts. It also reviews literature on how existing social, economic, and environmental inequalities create communities who are and will continue to be disproportionately impacted by climate change. It also highlights climate adaptation strategies, with summaries of case studies and innovative programs that are attempting to increase the resiliency of the most vulnerable communities. This report identifies gaps in peer-reviewed literature and the state’s ongoing Climate Change Assessment to better address climate adaptation for those most vulnerable and to promote climate justice in California. This study aims to encourage further discussion among stakeholders, community leaders, and climate scientists to address these pressing concerns.


Roos, Michelle. 2018. “Climate Justice Summary Report.” SUM-CCCA4-2018-012. California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment. Sacramento, CA: California Governer’s Office of Planning and Research, California Natural Resources Agency, and the California Energy Commission.