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American Indians, climate change, and ethics for a warming world Krakoff, Sarah 2008 traditional ecological knowledge, climate change impacts, human communities
California Climate Adaptation Planning Guide State of California July 2012 vulnerability assessment, adaptation planning, human communities
California Tribes & Languages at Contact Concerto 2013 human communities, indigenous peoples
Climate change, climate justice and the application of probabilistic event attribution to summer heat extremes in the California Central Valley Mera, Roberto, Massey, Neil, Rupp, David E., Mote, Philip, Allen, Myles, and Frumhoff, Peter C. 2015 climate modeling, extreme events, human communities
Climate Justice Summary Report Roos, Michelle 2018 climate justice, human communities, climate change adaptation
Culture Card - A Guide to Build Cultural Awareness - American Indian and Alaska Native Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration 2009 human communities, indigenous peoples
Indigenous frameworks for observing and responding to climate change in Alaska Cochran, Patricia, Huntington, Orville H.,Pungowiyi, Caleb, Tom, Stanley, Chapin, F. Stuart III,,Huntington, Henry P. , Maynard, Nancy G., and Trainor, Sarah F. 2013 indigenous peoples, climate change impacts, human communities
Managed retreat as a response to natural hazard risk Hino, Miyuki, Christopher B. Field, and Katharine J. Mach 2017 sea level rise, climate change impacts, human communities
San Francisco Bay Area Region Report Ackerly, David, Andrew Jones, Mark Stacey, and Bruce Riordan 2018 climate change assessment, climate change impacts, human communities, climate change adaptation
Supporting local climate change adaptation: Where we are and where we need to go Nordgren, John, Missy Stults, and Sara Meerow 2016 climate change adaptation, adaptation planning, human communities
Take Care of the Land and the Land Will Take Care of You: Traditional Ecology in Native California Cunningham, Farrell 2005 traditional ecological knowledge, human communities, indigenous peoples
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California Indian Tribes and Languages Native Languages of the Americas indigenous peoples, human communities
Short Overview of California Indian History Castillo, Edward D. human communities, indigenous peoples
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